DHHC Symposium Program

Friday May 24

Location: ECHA 2-490

08:00 Registration and coffee  
09:00 Opening Session I
09:15 Introductory Panel
Panel: Alan Bleakley, Jorge Frascara,
Jill Konkin, Lory Laing,
Guille Noël, and Gavin Renwick
10:15 Break  
10:30 Gavin Renwick Creative Practice & Traditional Knowledge: Designing for Wellness in a Northern Community
11:00 Lisa Hartling & Shannon Scott Storytelling to Communicate Information in Child Health
11:30 Edward Gotfried Malaria Education of School-Aged Children in the Kwahu-Eastern Region, Ghana: Anansi Tricks Mrs. Mosquito
12:00 Lunch reception Topic tables
13:15 Keynote: Jorge Frascara & Guille Noël Designing with People for Health
14:30 Keynote: Alan Bleakley Let Beauty Both Shine and Disturb: Re-storying the Art of Medicine as Publicly-Accountable Lyricism
15:15 Break  
15:30 Nikki Webb & Leslie Robinson Artivist Provocations: Emergent Issues / Creative Processes /
Collective Synergies
16:00 Arno Kumagai Teaching and Learning for Social Justice: Critical Consciousness, Community Engagement, and
Creative Arts in Medical Education
16:30 Clinton Carlson Small Change
17:00 Dinner on own  

Saturday May 25

Location: 1-080 Katz Center

08:00 Registration and coffee  
08:30 Film + discussion: Danielle Lewis, Bailey Adams & Katie Stringer A Mother is Born – A Film Documentary
09:30 Break  
09:45 Opening session II Welcome  
10:00 Tamar Rubin & Dorothy Woodman Reading Texts, Sharing Perspectives: An Interdisciplinary Book Club for English Studies and Medicine
10:30 Cheryl Mack The Wondering
11:00 Naureen Mumtaz & Susana Runge Digital storytelling: Collaborating for Health and Well-Being of New Immigrants
11:30 Lunch reception Poster display
12:45 Michelle Lavoie & Vera Caine Beating the Bounds: Creating Cross-Disciplinary Collaborative Spaces
13:15 Bonnie Sadler Takach, Pamela Brett-MacLean, Aidan Rowe & students Learning With/Across Communities
13:45 Judith Moldenhauer Design in the Mix (Not at the End): Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Healthcare Information Design
14:15 Break  
14:30 Working-group sessions Emerging themes; Towards collaborations + publication
16:00 Group sharing  
16:30 Summary remarks by
keynote speakers
17:00 Closing remarks